Silla’s Personal Logbook, October 5th (earth time)

+ + + COMPUTER START + + +

‘s this stupid thing now recording? Uh, guess yes, the light is on. Oh, dang, I broke a fingernail…

Oh-kaaaaay, let’s get started. Um, what was it I wanted to record? Ah, yes…

Tsss, what a shame. The other hiveship departed and I didn’t get to talk to their Queen. Toxiboy didn’t even let me talk to her telepathically!

“Keep your brain shut,” he told me. Not that it would make a difference from normal. he added inside his head. He wasn’t expecting me to read his mind, pah! As if he could hide anything from me.

He can be such a mean spoilsport. That boy so needs to relax – if only he let me teach him tai chi. Maybe I should have words with Fillyz and give her some hints how to calm down a stressed out Wraith. Scented candles and meditation would do him a world of good.

Anyway, I’d have loved to talk to the other Queen. About hiveship interior decoration, feng shui, hairstyles, alternative methods of feeding, being one with the universe… Sigh, I guess I will have to stick to talking to the same old persons and listen to the same old, uninspired ideas – like I always have for centuries.

The only thing that never gets boring is you, Tri-xi. Aww, who’s a good girl? Doggie wanna biscuit? Have you been a good girl? Or did you bite Uncle Toxi again?

*excited yipping*

+ + + COMPUTER STOP + + +

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