The Crew of Hive 53



Queen Silla

Her Majesty, Queen Silla, Mistress of the Hive and Dominator of Life and Death to all thereon. Her favourite pastime is reading women magazines about modern lifestyle and beauty. Thus, she devotes much of her time to beautify herself and the interior of her hive ship. This passion for styling is not shared by most of her crew and is the cause for much grumbling and occasional eye-rolling among the more conservative men.


Commander Castox

He is convinced that he’s the brightest head on board of Hive 53, and indeed he probably is. At least among the Wraith. He is also convinced to be the greatest gift the women of Pegasus ever received and is determined to make close personal acquaintance with whichever attractive woman crosses his way – be it Wraith or human. He can be quite charming if he wants to, but sooner or later his machismo and ego take over. This has gotten him into considerable trouble in the past, though it has gotten better since the arrival of Fillyz – he no longer gets into trouble with whole planetary populations but rather only with his feisty worshipper.





Also called “Mad” for short. This is not only a nickname but an apt description of his flying style. He is probably the best (Wraith) pilot in the galaxy and can fly anything ranging in size from a dart to the biggest super-hive. Despite being growly and monosyllabic, he’s a softie at heart. The only skill that matches his piloting abilities is his keen handling of knitting needles. He’s a master of sock yarn and bobble hats.



Level-headed and usually good-humored Phras is often the mediator when there is quarreling on the hive. He can be a fighter when the circumstances require some action, but he prefers to slip quietly out of the back door when there’s trouble afoot. His one big passion is feeding – pardon, eating. He loves human food and will eat a pizza with as much pleasure as he will feed on a tasty human.





His ultimate goal would be becoming a vegetarian if only it was possible. His kind and soft nature often interferes with his life as a Wraith, so he tends to feed only on humans who have suicidal tendencies anyway and don’t really mind leaving this world. By feeding on them, however, he absorbs their gloominess, which makes him feel even worse.



would be the smartest Wraith scientist Pegasus galaxy has ever known, if only he didn’t have the knack of making stuff go boom in a spectacular fashion, often damaging the hive and nearby crew members in the process. He’s an allround genius – whatever area of expertise he turns his attention to, be it chemistry or physics, it will most likely go up in a brightly-coloured display of light and flames. He’s usually amiable to have around, though you might want to have a safety distance between yourself and him.






Not exactly your traditional Wraith worshipper, she came to the hive not voluntarily. And even less voluntarily became bonded to Castox, though the dislike is mutual. Under her tough and feisty surface, she has soft spot for the whacky hive and its inhabitants, but it would be very unwise to say that to her face.


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