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September Update

A quick sign of life – I just noticed that the last entry is from June! I’m fine so far although art progress has been very slow the last months. I have no excuses for this, it’s a combination of art block and a wonderful lazyness. It still feels kinda good, being without pressure of […]

June 2019

Took a while to recover from conblues: FedCon was great this year. Very nice and friendly atmosphere, perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold – brilliant for cosplayers!) and a lot of wonderful people to chat with and party with. Getting back into real life was kinda harder than expected but everything’s fine now. […]

The end of Hive 53 – Wait, what?

No, of course not. Hive 53 is not going to end anytime soon. But. Now that chapter 5 has come to an end, it’s time to send the comic on a scheduled hiatus. Only the comic. Those who have followed my updates on this site will know that I’m working on a larger project, kind […]

March Update

So glad that winter is over, I need some warmth and sun in my life. Still suffering from the last effects of a cold, therefore no new comic page yet. I’ve hardly started on the pencils but yesterday I felt okay with slowly getting back to it for the first time in weeks. Also waiting […]

February 2019

Original title, much wow, so amaze. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I wasn’t feeling too well, flu time and all. Still have a sore throat and don’t feel up to anything much. Nevertheless, there’s good news as well. I finally got round to inking and scanning the next page of Hive 53 and […]

Hiveship Holidays 2018

Done for the Stargate Advent Calendar 2018 Check it out if you haven’t yet!

Random Facts Meme – Castox

Transferred over from deviantART because I figured it would make sense to have it here as well. I was tagged by who wants to hear something about my smug, arrogant, pain-in-the-ass Wraith commander Castox. Here are the tag rules: 1) Post these rules. 2) Post 8 facts about your character. 3) Tag 8 other characters. 4) […]

We have a winner!

Remember the 10th anniversary contest? We have a winner! Tsamsiyu made a model of Hiveship 53 from scrap electronics (see photos below) and got the first prize. The amount of details on the model is fantastic, congrats, Tsam! Check out his Youtube channel where you can see his amazing step-by-step video building an Asuran pistol […]

Happy 10th Anniversary, Hive 53! Now with Contest!

EDIT: Contest is over now! Thanks for reading! And the winner is… –> Click me! On this day, it’s ten years since Hive 53 was born. If you’re interested in how the guys were born you may want to check out this blog post. In case you are wondering, the next page is on the way […]

The WDC project has gotten a new URL

I know, this is ooooold stuff from way back when the Wraith fandom was much more alive than today. But it’s still handy: The list of all Wraith characters that appeared on screen with the fan-given names from the Wraith Defenders Club on the Gateworld forum. Click here to view the website. Creating this new […]

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