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July Update

Not too long and I’ll have two weeks off from work, can’t wait! I urgently need some rest, work has been very busy. That’s the reason why there hasn’t been much to say about Hive 53 lately: I feel rather drained at the moment. Maybe some Wraith has been feeding on my life force while […]

Bureaucracy sucks

I’m a big fan of personal data protection, honestly. But. This new data protection regulation appears like waaay too much for small business people. It should’ve been aimed at the big guys, you know them without me needing to name them. But in truth, the regulation stirs insecurity and anxiety among folks that don’t deserve […]

Spring is back!

My favourite season has finally arrived! Yay! It means I can go for a walk with the dog in warmth and sunshine, and it means longer light in the evenings – perfect for late drawing and painting. Winter was exceptionally dark this time and I’m glad it’s finally over. Spring also means that FedCon is […]


It’s that time of the year where everybody’s coming down with one sickness or other. I caught a darn cold which forced me to stay in bed four days and only slowly getting back to normal, blergh. So, to get to the point: I’m very sorry that I couldn’t get the next page of Hive […]

Updating schedule and plans for 2018

Trying to get the next pages of Hive 53 out more frequently again and get back into the two-week schedule. It feels pretty good to do some art work just for fun. Last year was awful in terms of doing private stuff, I was completely buried in work and it was quite dragging me down. […]

Hiveship Holidays 2017

Random silly cuteness overload! Because of reasons. Have a wonderful time, everybody!

Another year has passed… Another Happy Anniversary, Hive 53!

This should’ve been online on 22th September 2017 but I was out of town and afterwards forgot about it, D’oh! Anyhoo, here you are: 9th Anniversary Artwork for Hive 53! The whacko hive is still there and cruising through the galaxy on it mission to bring fun and chaos! More anniversary-related stuff here and here.

Hive 53 sneak preview

Hiya, I’m still around! Though still very busy and getting kinda excited because in only a couple of weeks more, the Phantastika will begin. The event for which I’m still doing lots of work right now and helping getting the necessary advertising and merchandising graphics on the way. It’s going to be a big fun! […]

Hive 53 back on track and some other stuff

Hive 53: It is, really! It’s just, real life keeps getting in the way of finishing the shading. But I have hopes the next page will be online by next weekend. It’s almost time for the Lanteans to make an appearance. Oh and, by the way: Does anybody have a good idea on how to […]

New technology for an old artist!

Yay, after 10 years I allowed myself buying a new iMac and it’s fabulous! My old machine simply decreased in efficiency and the hardware began to fail, but now I can use all the shiny new CC applications from Adobe, too. Whatever you think of the questionable subscription payment that Adobe has come up with, […]

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