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Unfortunately, due to severe lack of time I cannot offer any commission spots at the moment. This may, or may not, change. As soon as real life allows, I will make it known here.



Commission Spots

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Thank you for your interest in my terms and prices. If you have questions that are not answered in the text below, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You may also want to check out my references.


I can draw anything for you but keep in mind that my specialities are natural, organic forms and animals.

If you have a very specific image in mind it’s best to provide me with reference pictures, the more input you give me the better as this saves potential frustration on both sides. If you want me to draw your character(s) be as generous as possible in sharing their history with me so I can get an image of their personality. I can’t stress enough how important ref pictures are if you want me to draw a complex character.

Restrictions and exceptions:

I will only draw characters that are your own creation or common knowledge, meaning I will not draw copyrighted characters. Example: it may be tempting to ask me to draw Stargate characters – and believe me, I’d like nothing better than doing that for you – but I have to decline such commissions. I’m aware many artists don’t care about copright issues but I do. All fanworks in my gallery are done for fun, and not for profit.

Action scenes (including violence and/or gore on minor levels) are acceptable, as well as mild erotic poses (including pairs, gender doesn’t matter) or nude pictures. I won’t draw politically or ethically offending stuff, nor pornographic images. If you’re not sure if your desired motif crosses the border just ask, I won’t bite your head off and I’m always open for negotiations and may be able to suggest a workaround in borderline cases.

The following is an example of my workflow: I will make an initial sketch and show it to you for approval before I continue to work. This is very important for both sides: You will have plenty of opportunity to view the picture in progress so you can always tell me to alter things you don’t like, this should give you the best possible control over the progress to make sure you really get the pic you want, because if a picture is already in the stage of colouring or shading or even more advanced and you change your mind about the composition or a major graphic element which can’t be fixed easily, the additional time I need to amend it will be added to the charge. Feedback from you is highly encouraged during the progress of the picture.

You will receive a 300 dpi high-resolution file of your finished picture if it’s a digital work. Traditional  works can be shipped to you. The price for shipment is exclusive and will be added to the charge.

Copyright: The artist (me) reserves the copyright to the image unless a written agreement is made regarding its sale.

Payment: I accept PayPal only. Exception: if you live in Germany you can transfer the money to my account with a regular Überweisung.

Payment for every piece below 40 Euros has to be made in advance. 40 Euros or up can be paid in two parts. The first half in advance and the rest after I finish your painting.


The following prices are for one character only. Additional characters will be charged depending on complexity.  Backgrounds are always optional. If you don’t choose a specific background I will drop in a simple gradient or texture, or a simple setting according to the character.  Of course you can also have a plain white background or a transparent one.


(150 x 150pixel) digitally coloured = 5 Euros

Bust Shots:

Simple lineart sketch, pencil or digital =  10 Euros

Coloured and shaded digitally = 25 Euros

Full Body Drawing:

Simple lineart sketch, pencil or digital = 20 Euros
Example:… (ignore the head in the upper right corner)

Coloured and shaded digitally = 50 Euros
Examples:… ,… and…

Complex Digital or traditional artwork:

Digital Paintings, Full Body, Complex background = 80 to 100  Euros

Examples for traditional artwork (I work with watercolours and coloured pencils)……

Specify the style. I can draw both caricatures as well as semi-realistic.
Example Comic style:…
Example semi-realistic:…

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