Discworld Sculptures

More Discworld characters. Like the other Discworld figures I submitted, these are from the late nineties.

From left to right: 
Gaspode, the talking dog
Swamp dragon 
Dean of Unseen University 
Quoth, the raven
Librarian of Unseen University 
C.M.O.T. Dibbler 
Rincewind (yeah, I know I forgot his beard) 
The Luggage 
Death of rats 
Binky (his legs suck) 

FIMO with wire skeletons, aluminium foil, partly painted, parts are glowing in the dark (the swamp dragon’s eyes, the “N” of the Necrotelicomnicon, parts of the Dean’s wand). Rhinestones and decorative stars were used for the wizards’ robes.

All discworld characters belong to Terry Pratchett.

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