Happy Birthday, Hive 53!

Hive 53 has turned six years old! On September, 22th in 2008, Hive 53 was born. Yep, I can pinpoint the exact date because the birth of these guys was extraordinary. What made it so remarkable was the fact that the crew of the hive fully formed themselves inside my mind in a matter of hours during which I couldn’t stop sketching and writing.

It all began with a number of harmless Wraith cartoons that I published on deviantArt. Nothing spectacular, but it was fun and my intention was to draw more of these over time. But then, someone who liked the the SGA cartoons much asked me whether I considered making a whole SGA comic, and I said “Well, why not?” And why not, indeed? That same afternoon Hive 53 was born. And here you are, six years of whackiness. I’d never have guessed that it’d become this popular and that people would frequently ask for the next page!

Apparently the comic hit a sore spot shortly after season 5 ended and it became clear over time that there would be no new season and no follow-up movie. Even though the disappointment is still there, it is wonderful to see that so many fans keep the Stargate fandom alive and even new fans join in when they see the series for the first time. At this point, Thank You, everybody who had a part in creating the first Stargate movie and the following spin-off series, for inspiring so many fans. Keep the ‘gate open at all times!

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