Wraith Worshippers Anonymous – glossary


To clarify some points of the background of my series of small WWA-based fanfictions, I have compiled a basic list of names and things that you may stumble across in the stories.

Wraith Worshippers Anonymous was a Wraith-centered online text-based role playing game on the forums of GateWorld.net. The members are highly creative writers and artists and the resulting game world was a crazy mixture of all kinds of weird influences. Note that the main focus of this game was on the fact that Wraith can co-exist in a, more or less, peaceful way with humans. The worshippers were a happy bunch of whackos and things could get very strange very fast.

This is an abridged version of the original game guides. The notes in parentheses were added to credit the original player who brought something into the game world.

Main characters of my short fanfics:
Rhys (SGA Wraith – Broken Ties) He is sly, independent, stubborn, impulsive, naughty, possessive and occasionally a bit nasty. He often appears to be egoistic. He won’t admit it but there is a softer side to him underneath that Wraithie surface. Rhys is notorious for playing Suck’n’Puke with every worshipper available and willing. He is also known to play Monopoly and Cluedo and he sometimes drinks alcohol and does unexpected things after that. (Suck’n’Puke is a slang term for feeding on a human and then returning life.) He loathes to be ignored and he hates hangovers. Don’t go near him if he is grumpy. His worshipper is Draco-Stellaris and he lives with her and Tommy on Earth.

Tommy (SGA Wraith – Be All My Sins Remembr’d/Spoils of War/Midway): He is a bit like a little boy. He is quiet, timid, helpful, friendly, naive but clever in an unobtrusive way. He is a very civilised and well-behaved Wraith. He likes nutella in large quantities although it doesn’t always agree with him. He also likes to listen to music on his mp3 player and dancing. His favourite bands are Within Temptation, Coldplay and the Sugababes. He has an interest in exozoology and reads and updates the hive’s database on animal species at regular intervals. He is always looking out for new species for the hive’s zoo. He enjoys being encouraged and hugged by Worshippers. He is scared of Karl and hasn’t got enough self-confidence to snarl back at him so he occasionally takes lessons in growling with Boris. His worshipper is Draco-Stellaris and he lives with her and Rhys on Earth.

Vincent (SGA Wraith who got away – Travellers) Was found stranded in a lone dart in the middle of empty space. He had been abandoned there by Larrin and was almost dead when Oma Desala appeared and helped him to ascend. He prefers to live the life of an ordinary Wraith though and enjoys physical sensations like eating and drinking human food. He usually tries to keep his ascension secret. He is very open-minded and keenly interested in everything to do with the new Wraith lifestyle and Tau’ri cultures.

Draco-Stellaris (Player game alter ego) Female human Worshipper from earth.

Intelligent Iguanas (Illustration by Draco-Stellaris) One of many races on CS-DP1, the third planet of the Cantina System.

Animals, Birds And Insects
Andelian Goathorses (Draco-Stellaris)-  This even-toed ungulate, ruminant mammal is found on Andelia in sector 792 / 321X – II.  According to the database the species evolved without any genetic engineering. The climate on Andelia is harsh in some regions and these animals are known to have hard, resistant hooves and they can digest nearly anything.  The local people call them Goathorses and tame them for riding – this led to them developing their own version of polo.  The Wraith have twelve of them and they are kept in the Pirate Camp.

Miniature Graboids  ( Illustration by Draco-Stellaris) These are worm-like creatures whose mouths unhinge widely and like to eat bite-sized pieces of Tau’ri candy, like jelly beans, Skittles, and M&Ms. In the wild, they live on the island, near the mouth of the river estuary that empties into the ocean because they prefer the mix of freshwater and saltwater there that moistens the rich, silt-like soil. Piny insists that they are friendly and gentle, but they will lunge like piranhas at large chunks of food.

Miscellaneous Information
Chill Out Hive specialized Wraith feeding method:  When a Wraith and his worshipper get all lovey-dovey in a physical way, if the Wraith is any good at it, his worshipper will enjoy herself so much that she produces a massive energy spike with which she can feed her Wraith without any harm coming to her. If she’s really, really enjoying herself, her Wraith can end up being extremely well fed and, well… satisfied. Afterwards, the worshipper will usually get very, very hungry and the COH Wraith have taken it upon themselves to ensure their worshipper gets good quality energy food to keep them in tip-top condition.

Asgard Matter Converter (concept borrowed from Stargate SG-1 by ciannwn)  This machine uses modified Asgard beaming technology to produce anything which the user wishes.  Erik did a deal with Hermiod for one and it was installed on Deck 3 of Boris’s Hive.  The converter was then used to create the components for building more machines – there is now a second one in the Dining Area on Deck 2, a third in a cave near the Pirate Camp on the tropical island and a number of others which were given to Kenny.

Modified Ascension Machine (ciannwn)  Archimedes modified the Ancient design so the new machine now accelerates brain development without the drawback of the user having to ascend or die at the end of the process.  Brain enhancement often results in special powers in addition to super-intelligence  – Archimedes has telekinesis while Erik can slow time down for selected beings.

Personal Shields (ciannwn and Mariellelita) These are the wraith version of the Ancient personal shields which were created by Archimedes.  They look like Goth brooches and come in various designs. Five were supplied to Koffee Nirvana personnel for use in an undercover operation and Mariellelita chose one set with an emerald. There is a blue flash when a shield is activated but, after that, a shield is visibly undetectable.

Technomagic Feeding Device.(ciannwn) Can be used by Wraith to feed on universal energy without the need to harm a living creature. Can be used to draw energy directly from the universe or by “feeding” on a medium, namely a human.

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