Worshippers Needed


“Look, the flyers have arrived, fresh from the printer,” Skin carried a large cardboard box into the common room. “Ah, brilliant,” Castox replied and opened the lid to examine the content of the box.

Across the room Fillyz looked up from her book. “Flyers?” she inquired.

“Yep, to advertise becoming a worshipper. You can never have enough worshippers,” Castox informed her with a sly grin.

“Is that so? Huh, and here is silly me thinking you are already not up to dealing with just one worshipper.” Fillyz walked over to have a look at the flyers, but recoiled at first sight. “No way,” she said flatly.

Still grinning smugly, Castox eyed his flawless claws. With an exaggerated motion he began to polish his finger armour on the sleeve of his coat. “Yeah, the pure awesomeness of me is overwhelming, isn’t it? Too bad you don’t appreciate it.”

With a choking noise Fillyz spun around and made retching movements, clutching her throat before bursting out in a fit of uncontrolled laughter. “If anyone responds to that flyer I am a Wraith Queen.”

Skin scratched his head, apparently struggling with a particularly difficult idea that fought to get out. “Hey, Tox… Here’s a thought. What if the females who respond aren’t pretty? What if they’re fat… and old and wrinkly… and stinky… and cross-eyed… and-”

“Will you stop it alright! I get the message! Just put a dagger through my throat and be done with it.” Castox threw up his hands in frustration and stomped out of the room.

“Whoooo, who’s touchy today?” Skin watched him disappear and then pointed at the box. “What are we going to do now with all those flyers?”

Fillyz pulled one of the leaflets out and weighed it in her hand. “In my opinion this paper is good for making paper darts and other origami stuff.”

“Ah, so we’ll just give it to Mad then, he loves origami,” Skin replied and lifted up the box to bring all the flyers to Madest. All of the flyers – except the one Fillyz had pulled out, the one that would be hidden it in a very special secret place of hers later.


Pencil sketch, ink and colouring in PS CS3

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