Wraith Finger Guards

Test make up for Wraith cosplay. 

Finger armour / finger guards made from FIMO, painted with acrylic colours and gloss varnish. 

Because I got so many question about how they stick to the fingers: 
Try the following out at your own risk, may cause skin irritation and a small amount of pain when wearing and trying to remove the armour. Also, it’s not exactly healthy so use sparingly. I used special glue for artificial fingernails to glue them directly to my skin. Warning, do this only when you’re sure you want to wear the armour for a couple of hours because it sticks really, really good for a long time. Other methods I’ve read about (but haven’t tried yet) are spirit gum or superglue. 

Another method I’ve adapted lately is to glue the finger guards to a cotton glove which is a quite comfortable way to wear them. However, the more genuine look is still wearing them directly on the skin.

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