Updating schedule and plans for 2018

Trying to get the next pages of Hive 53 out more frequently again and get back into the two-week schedule. It feels pretty good to do some art work just for fun. Last year was awful in terms of doing private stuff, I was completely buried in work and it was quite dragging me down. I was working the complete wrong way around, doing the serious “earn your living” stuff, even feeling guilty for working just for fun – up to the point when even thinking about creative work was tumbling me down into an abyss of guilt and art block.

This absolutely needs to stop. I’m fed up with thinking, “this is just a private project, I’m not earning a single cent with it, shouldn’t I be doing something that earns me a living, shouldn’t I focus on “serious” work that I get true recognition for”… Yes, money is important. Yes, recognition is equally important. But being able to draw things just for the whacky, insane, spontaneous fun is part of an artist’s very soul and if you take that away, what remains of creativity, what remains of the point in being an artist?

With that in mind, I’m currently re-scheduling my time table to make room for private art time and so far, I’m feeling good with it. It reflects even on my commissioned work where I’m getting more creative and more motivated because all of a sudden, art is fun again.

Here’s to a (still new) year with more time for the things that are just for fun!

Thanks for reading and take care!

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