To Boldly Fail


What if Captain Archer had steered his Enterprise to Pegasus? 

I’m not a hardcore Trekkie but I do love Enterprise. One thing that always stuck on my mind was the naivety with which Captain Archer and his crew greeted alien species though. 
‘Hi, guys. We’re from earth and we want to be your friends.’ Of course that’s a noble attitude but it always struck me as a bit dumb when I thought of what could have happened when Archer had met the Wraith. 

Before I get complaints from Trekkies: yes, I know, Archer would have been smart enough to not fall into that trap. 

Before I get complaints from Wraith Worshippers: yes, yes, yes, I know from our point of view it wouldn’t be a fail if the Wraith had the coordinates. 

The Wraith belong to MGM Television 
Captain Archer and his noble attitude belong to the amazing empire of Roddenberry.

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