The new and improved Corona Magazine!

And now for a bit of advertising! The very awesome German online magazine Corona Magazine is celebrating its rebirth in e-book format. The project has been running successfully for many years by now and has recently switched platform to e-book format. It’s a free-of-charge monthly magazine in e-book format and can be downloaded at all e-book portals. The magazine features mind-blowing articles written by highly talented and enthusiastic fans and also well-known German sci-fi authors. The last issue got a download count of more than 8,000 so it’s no small thing! I’m very honoured to do the monthly cover of the e-book as well as the alien nursery illustrations for the magazine.

For all German-speakers: Wenn ihr euch für Sci-fi, Fantasy, Phantastik im Allgemeinen, Kino, Serien, Spiele interessiert, ladet es euch herunter. Es kostet nix und ihr werdet es nicht bereuen!

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