Skin’s Diary I

Dear Diary,

I’m feeling sad. That’s no surprise, I know.

I’m sad because we need to go culling again and I don’t want to. It’s always the same; we stop in orbit, we take a cruiser down to some dull planet, we get out, we get discovered, we get shot and yelled at, we run for our lives, yadda yadda yadda… If we get lucky we bring a handful of humans home that’ll feed us for maybe a month before we are back to square one.

I wish they would let me have a really tasty human every once in a while. Every time we have a new batch of food, Tox elbows his way to the cocoons to get the first choice. Then I get nearly trodden on by Phras who claims at least two humans for himself, then it’s Mad’s turn and so on. Until by the time I can go in, all that’s left is the scrawny emo no one else wants, with the defiantly trembling lip and the dark glare. I’d rather not feed on them but meh, I have to, ya know. *sigh* I so wish I could live off salad and tofu.

I’d better get moving now, if I’m too late at the cruiser Tox will give me his Eyeroll Of Doom again.

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