New technology for an old artist!

Yay, after 10 years I allowed myself buying a new iMac and it’s fabulous! My old machine simply decreased in efficiency and the hardware began to fail, but now I can use all the shiny new CC applications from Adobe, too. Whatever you think of the questionable subscription payment that Adobe has come up with, the apps are still market leader for a good reason. I love the new Photoshop (remember, I just made a quantum leap from version CS3 to CC 2017!).

What does this mean for new artwork and updates of Hive 53? Well, I sure hope it means good news! The title of chapter 5 of Hive 53 is in early stages of coloring and should be finished sometime next week, if nothing unforeseen happens. It feels so good, working with a new, fast device!

Thanks for reading and take care!


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