Logbook, September 2nd (earth time)

Commander Castox:

Hiding behind a conveniently placed planet at the rim of Pegasus. Yesterday our scanners picked up another hiveship, so we – that is, I – deemed it wise to stay out of the way.

Not much input from the others on that matter – Skin had no clue what to do, Mad prefered to lock himself in his room and our Highness, Queen Pain-In-The-Ass Silla, suggested we should invite the other queen over for tea and biscuits.

The growing hunger isn’t helping either. There are times when I wonder why I stay at all. Being the only one with brains is a tough job – What?



Oh, yes, Fillyz just kindly reminded me there is another brain available…  Really, there was no need to yell at me.

Hiveship Silla Out

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