Logbook – Commander Castox II

+ + + COMPUTER START + + +

We have resumed our original course and are headed for… nowhere in particular. At the moment we are trying to salvage what we can from our old territory. Since Her Majesty Queen Silla-Long-May-She-Be-Spanked lost the whole territory due to profound incompetence and stupidity – No, wait. I can’t say that in our official records. Note to self: delete last passage before archiving.

We are avoiding contact with all other hives, we have no allies and no feeding grounds and we are on the menu of every Wraith in the galaxy. AND we are running into other hives every other day. So, in a nutshell we’re pretty much screwed.

The only option is keeping our eyes on the long range scanners to check for enemies as well as for unclaimed inhabited worlds to get the chance for a sneaky culling.

On the upside we don’t have many hands to feed; the majority of the crew is still in hibernation, so right now there are only a dozen of us awake. I refrained from waking any drones because they’re quite useless and would only take up resources. Besides, I can’t stand drones in general; I always get creepy feeling they’re making faces at me underneath their masks.

*sigh* Navigation computer is telling me we’ve arrived. Let’s see what the next culling will bring.

+ + + COMPUTER STOP + + +

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