SGA Fanfiction

Thank you for stopping by to read my stuff. There is not much to find just now but hopefully the collection will grow over time. I hope my stories will meet your approval and I’d be delighted if you found the time to leave a small feedback.

Please note that some of my stories are written for an adult audience and contain strong language, minor violence and sexual themes, not to mention an unreasonable amount of Wraithness. If this is not your cup of tea, then please proceed with caution from here on.


Fir Sprigs and Holly Leaves

Rating: PG – nothing to worry about in here
This one-shot was originally written for Christmas purposes but can be read at any time of the year – Features Kala and Rees, the OC protagonists of my fanfic “Wraith Games”– Even the most dedicated Wraith worshipper will never forget her human roots.


Rating: NC-17
One-shot. When a delegation of gods arrives at her temple, a naïve young Wraith worshipper gets into a situation that leads her to question her beliefs.

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