January 2017 Update

The first weeks of 2017 have passed and it’s time to look forward and make a few hesitant plans. Especially regarding private artwork and projects. This year is going to be quite intense work-wise and I don’t know yet how much time I can invest in Hive 53. I have the honour to be involved in a truly amazing project, doing a big part of graphics design for a new event in Oberhausen, Germany. It’s going to be a bit like a sci-fi, fantasy, horror, all-genre event, a bit like a convention but different nonetheless. I’m really excited about the event and looking forward to see it all happen! You can find more infomation on the event website Phantastika. While this is absolutely awesome it’s also making me edgy, imagining the amount of work that lies ahead.

Add to that my regular working schedule that will come with new illustrations for book covers and more, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to update Hive 53 as frequently as I did lately. Though I’m very much looking forward to continuing the story, the new chapter is promising as it has a few spaceship scenes (takes me out of my drawing comfort zone) and features the Lantean team.

2017 is going to be cool, let’s see what it brings!

Thanks for reading and take care,

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