Hiveship Holidays 2016


This one has a history. The scanned pencil sketch had been sleeping on my hard drive for what? Seven years? And it never felt right to colour and finish it, for various reasons. The two main reasons being 1) It’s actually a scene from a chapter that’ll come much, much later so it always felt a bit spoiler-ish to me. But I’m not sure how the updating schedule of Hive 53 will keep up next year, and it might take a long, long time for this chapter to actually appear, if at all. And 2) I never felt confident enough to do it justice. I was so pleased by how the sketch came out that I was afraid I would ruin it.

Then 2016 happened. So much crap happening all over the world, I felt it was time to focus on the good things. For some reason, it felt right to finally finish this now, so here you are. Some wintery, kitschy romance stuff.

Thanks for watching, commenting and faving. If you celebrate, have a great time during Christmas, Yule or whichever festival you choose. And have a good start into 2017. May it be peaceful for everybody.

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