Hive 53 sneak preview

Hiya, I’m still around! Though still very busy and getting kinda excited because in only a couple of weeks more, the Phantastika will begin. The event for which I’m still doing lots of work right now and helping getting the necessary advertising and merchandising graphics on the way. It’s going to be a big fun!

So, there’s still a comic page lurking on my hard drive that needs some love, a bit of colouring and shading. In times like these, when it feels overwhelming just to start the day in the mornings because of all the things that need doing, it helps to escape every now and then: to steal a couple of minutes here and there to get a few brushstrokes on the next comic page. The next weekend is hopefully going to be a bit more quiet and may see the finished page. Keeping fingers crossed all works out. I definitely need some time to calm down. In the meantime, have a sneak preview:

Thanks for reading and have a great Friday, everybody!

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