Hive 53 back on track and some other stuff

Hive 53: It is, really! It’s just, real life keeps getting in the way of finishing the shading. But I have hopes the next page will be online by next weekend. It’s almost time for the Lanteans to make an appearance.

Oh and, by the way: Does anybody have a good idea on how to keep the spammers away? I mean, seriously, I only have one (!) possible way of getting spam on this website. (I used to have comment sections but for spam reasons I removed them.) And still I have numerous people telling me how my site could get much more traffic… I mean, excuse me? I have all the traffic I like and how can you check how much traffic I get anyway? You can stick your traffic where the sun does not shine. Blergh, sorry about that, I know I’m talking nonsense but some days, it’s just getting on my nerves.

Oh, and by the way: Happy Starwars Day!


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