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Another year has passed… Another Happy Anniversary, Hive 53!

This should’ve been online on 22th September 2017 but I was out of town and afterwards forgot about it, D’oh! Anyhoo, here you are: 9th Anniversary Artwork for Hive 53! The whacko hive is still there and cruising through the galaxy on it mission to bring fun and chaos! More anniversary-related stuff here and here.

Hive 53 sneak preview

Hiya, I’m still around! Though still very busy and getting kinda excited because in only a couple of weeks more, the Phantastika will begin. The event for which I’m still doing lots of work right now and helping getting the necessary advertising and merchandising graphics on the way. It’s going to be a big fun! […]

Hive 53 back on track and some other stuff

Hive 53: It is, really! It’s just, real life keeps getting in the way of finishing the shading. But I have hopes the next page will be online by next weekend. It’s almost time for the Lanteans to make an appearance. Oh and, by the way: Does anybody have a good idea on how to […]

New technology for an old artist!

Yay, after 10 years I allowed myself buying a new iMac and it’s fabulous! My old machine simply decreased in efficiency and the hardware began to fail, but now I can use all the shiny new CC applications from Adobe, too. Whatever you think of the questionable subscription payment that Adobe has come up with, […]

January 2017 Update

The first weeks of 2017 have passed and it’s time to look forward and make a few hesitant plans. Especially regarding private artwork and projects. This year is going to be quite intense work-wise and I don’t know yet how much time I can invest in Hive 53. I have the honour to be involved […]

Hiveship Holidays 2016

  This one has a history. The scanned pencil sketch had been sleeping on my hard drive for what? Seven years? And it never felt right to colour and finish it, for various reasons. The two main reasons being 1) It’s actually a scene from a chapter that’ll come much, much later so it always […]

That time when you have no time

Yep, don’t we all just love the pre-Xmas rush every year? People tend to behave as if there was no life after Christmas and literally everything needs to be done before because otherwise life as we know it comes to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas, I do, but I severely dislike […]

Wraith Advent Calendar 2016

I’m happy to announce that there will be a new wraithy advent calendar this year! Please support Atlantisdesetoiles and help her fill the calendar with wraithy content. The calendar will start on December, 1st (duh) and will be available here. Other news: I’m very sorry but the next update of Hive 53 will be a […]

Quick Update! (Stupid cold!)

I’ve come down with a cold that’s been following me around for two weeks. This means the next update of Hive 53 will be couple of days late. I just need to get some rest and will get the page online sometime during next week. Have a nice weekend! Yours, DS

Happy Anniversary, whacko Wraith!

  On the 22th of September, Hive 53 had its 8th birthday! So instead of a new page, this time it’s a bit of artwork. I can’t really believe it’s been eight years already! I just remmeber like it was yesterday when I wrote this and it was two years ago. o.O Thank you everybody […]

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